Reserva privada headband Aka sour kush

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Dec 3, 2009
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All I can say is WOW!! This bud had me stuck on stupid!
Very very potent. It is a good yielder but takes long to finish. About 11 weeks from the light change. It also is very hermie prone. I had 3 different seeds and all 3 hermied for no apparent reason.
Its also a good yielder. Around 2-3 oz per plant in 3 gal coco pots.
It's also a good eater. I fed around 1500 ppms the whole way thru and it did great.
If reserva privada could get rid of hermie problem it would be an awesome strain. I personally would never grow it again only because of the hermie problem.
I think I heard someone on here say anything with "diesel" in the genetics is prone to herm traits, it seemed pretty broad but kinda true.
Yeah maybe but I'm not sure. It's og x sour diesel so it's a good possibility.
I did a google search and it seems like everyone that grows it has hermie problems. It's a shame tho cause the bud is killer

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