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Oct 17, 2014
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Hi Rosebud, I have tried to send you 3 messages but I am sure you never received them. The first message was all about Decarboxylation of your dry buds before you start soaking them in Everclear. As the buds will be dry most of the THCA will have become THC. Decarboxylation causes a chemical reaction which releases CO2. A secondary chemical reaction begins which releases 1 atom of carboxylic acids
from a carbon chain. Once done your buds will be even more potent. Decarboxylation is made possible by heating your buds for 30 minutes and NOT exceeding 110°c. Going beyond this temperature you will start evaporating the resin. An accurate oven thermometer is essential.
The 2nd message dealt with the use of suppository capsules. This mode of oil administration will eliminate the Psychoactive 11 Hydroxic-THC. This method of anal administration would be very suitable for your friend. The ideal size is 000 but 00 is a vey good size.
All this information and much more is obtainable from Jeff Ditchfield's superb book entitled " The Medical Cannabis Guidebook " see pp.32, 41-42 and pp. 30, 87. Crohn's disease is mentioned on p. 16, 66.
May you be guided in the making of your oil and may your friends be cured.


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Jan 2, 2010
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Thank you Redpassion. Very good info here. I always decarb my buds to change the THCA to thc. I thank you too for the information on crohns.

You are right i didn't get your pm's I wonder why... Thank you so much. I will look for the cookbook as well.

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