Rumor has it that G13

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Mar 27, 2005
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is a killer strain. What are the facts on this, please? Thanks. ;)
Dont know how specific you want,G is for govt. and 13=M alphabetically and it is,believe it or not developed at a5 acre facility in missisipi by uncle same, supposedly someone got some seeds out and it is the devestator. will post the breeder and parentage in a minute or two,just cant store it all in my head like i used to,Humm. Mr. nice is G13xhashplant and is very good...Rzb
RZB, why is the US govt. growing weed? LOL What can I say here? wt? ;)
they grew it for medical studies.

Stupid Fact:
Gov. Laguardia of N.Y was given some to use for a study in the side effects. His study contradicted the U.S. govt. findings and caused him some grief. This was a long time ago also............
Seeds are $139.95 for a packet of 16. Is it worth it? Thanks.
its more of a sell make money then pop the people they sell it to and fine them and make more money

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