sandy soil?

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Jan 18, 2007
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how much sand is too much?
im tryin to figure out if this is ok
or should i add to it?

its soil we had set aside for our lawn
its sandy, but it has woody stuff in it to.
i wouldnt call it mulch but its similar.
but it is majority sand.

thnx for the help
I would just get some good organic potting soil..sand is okay but not a great medium...just my thaughts

take care and be safe
I know I wldnt use sandy, woody soil....there has to be other alternatives....I am limited to Home Depot and Lowes near me and I use MG Seed Starter.
the soil where i grow is probably 70% sand and 30% seems to work pretty well but last fall i did dig some holes and fill them with good black soil....i dont think mostly sand is bad but i guess there is probably a big diff. between my silt...(which i think has lots of nutes) and your woody mulch like stuff...i would suggest adding about 1/3rd of good garden soil to your soil if you want to go the cheap route...just im surely not an expert. good luck
thanx for all your help guys

ftw2012 :big did they get?
how was your drainage?
did your dirt mud up at all?
just a lil info here from experience...
my plot is about 5ftw x 9ftL and here is what i did not saying i had to but it made a huge difference.
i bought
10 bags of organic humus
2 25lbs bags of organic earthworm castings
1 bag of aged cow manuer
1 3lbs bag of bloodmeal
1 3lbs bag of bonemeal
1 small bag of perlite dont ask why cause i dnt even know
1 5lbs bag of sweet dolomite
and dehydrated molasses
and wow everything in my lil garden had the most pronounced smell and flavor from peppers to veggies to herbs and a 6foot tree gave me some of the best smoke i've had. the wrm castings and humus should be enough but i wanted more.

be safe happy growing and SMOKE

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