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Nov 28, 2021
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Lon Lon Ranch
Hello! So the main reason I got here is cus I share the ambition of growing.
I managed to get some proper seeds (joint order with a buddy of mine whos also growing) and we got Auto Banana Blaze from Dutch Passion.
Two seeds each and heres what I got so far;
I germinated the seeds then kept them in yogurt cups for some time, now they are both in my closet (which I turned into a grow box using aluminium foil as light bounce) planted in 10L pots enjoying a light mix soil. The bigger one is 21 days old and the smaller one is 16 days old. So far they have been growing ok but the smaller one seems to have some trouble keeping up idk why. Maybe the shock from transplant... When I opened the yogurt cups the roots were well developed for their age so I was firm on transplanting them. I water with tap water but I leave it to air out over night before watering them so that the chlorine evaporates. (I still think its too towards alkaline, its probably around 7,5, so I might add some lemon juice... feedback on this is very helpful) The temp is steady around 21-25 Celsius and the lights are on 18 hours a day more or less, I didn't buy a light timer altho I should have. I have not added any fert so far (the soil has enough for now) but I will in the future, planning to add some NPK when they seem to need it.
The light I have is real cheap tho, I plan to upgrade maybe for the next grow.
This is far from an ideal grow build but it's a start and even if it fails I intend to continue.
My buddy started with the same seeds more than two months ago and they both stopped growing and stayed in the "midget" form, flowered and died off. Mine seem to grow much better..
Any feedback and opinions are welcome =) Hope you like this so far! I will post updates!


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