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Time to take some clones of the favorite plants I have growing. They are 27days into 12/12 and roughly flowering 21days. Perfect time to snag flowering clones. These will regenerate into some very bushy girls. I need to find more cups and separate these. I took more than needed.

Now, what to do with this lot of ladies???? I've got a few ideas in my head.
Big box is gettin busy. I accomplished keeping them low and in their own 2x2 space. The tallest cola in the tent is approximately 24". The follow weeks should be fun watching them pack on the bud.
Durban Poison...Growers Choice

28days 12/12

This plant has been a easy grow. It has the darkest leaf. I'm not sure if it's from me dancing close to N tox or just the genetics of the plant. Whatever it is I think it's made for a pretty plant. Nothing dense about this girl.
Afghan Skunk...Expert Seed

29days 12/12

This little one thrown into flower at just 21 days of life is doing just fine. It needed a little extra time to get things moving but seems to be moving along.
5 weeks 12/12

Away from home this week. My buddy who's watering for me sent some group pics. Can't wait to get back home. I miss my girls. The auto is still alive. Some folks talked me into letting her go until I return. She'll be 83 days old. I e not let a auto go that far. See what happens. I flushed it really good a day before I left and it will get straight water till I get back.
I'm noticing some N starting to bleed out on the SBR#2. Slight yellowing from the lower plant. I'm not real sure what I want to do with that. I may bump up the calcium nitrate a little to see if that will correct it but really it's just natural fro them to bleed off N but I don't want it going crazy just yet. Still got some weeks to go.
Ya know, the more I look at these pics of the large tent I see some magnesium deficiency moving in. I've not dosed them with Epsom in a while. I'm seeing some dark veined leaf on a few plants. So I'm on the phone later with my friend who's watering for me. I'll have him add 1/2tbs gal Epsom tonight and I'll do the same when I get home on the next watering.
Kinda stressful being
Got home last night from our trip to Alabama. When I checked my girls they were not happy. Very dry and sagging. I got them some water and food. Withing a few hours they were standing tall again but that slight drought may drop a few leaves. I don't like stressing them like that in mid flower but I had no choice. Gonna update some pics tonight. They are looking pretty good.
4x8 update

14 days 12/12

Only 7 total photos in there and 1 rouge mystery auto and things are starting to get moving on this stretch. Most of them are showing a nice elongation and multiple bud sites. The indica dominant strains in there I've done minimal training on but the other sativa hybrid learners Ive been more aggressive with. Height being my main concern of course.
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Everybody get Jack's and obviously they are getting what they need. I'm seeing some really nice rich green colors and rapid growth. Been working in the Calcium Nitrate rolling into this flower stage and they seem to be okay with it. I'm not seeing any calcium or magnesium deficiency yet.

Cornbread...she's the beast of the bunch and a week older than all the others. I'm watching her like a hawk. This is my bagseed girl. I expect her to either throw some male sacs out below or she may poke out a banana or two near the end. I may get lucky and be just fine. Cornbread is a pretty potent strain. If she doesn't hermies I may have to take a cut before harvest.
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Afghan Skunk and Northern Lights/Skunk....Both should be indica dominant. They are short compact plants with not a lot of vertical growth. The Afghan was thrown into flower at 3 weeks and is just now getting busy. The NL is a dense leaf plant. Very bushy and very much like my GigaBud in my last grow. I don't expect she'll get real big but I may get a slight surprise hopefully.
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Cinderella 99... I've been wanting to grow this for years and from what I've researched the Growers Choice offering of this strain is promising. I've had this smoke before but not from my own crop. Here I'm seeing two phenos. One plant is more sativa and one my hybrid. Both have turned into beautiful plants and are growing like mad.
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Durban Poison... She's a thick one. Fat main stem and no dense foliage like the Afghan or NL. Once she finishes the stretch I'll probs have very little to remove below. Her main has been held down and now the rest of the plant is starting to catch up. She has some deep green foliage. Darker than all the rest.
She doesn't look like other DP grows I've looked at. This plant has semi fat not so long leaf like a indica dominant hybrid. She's supposed to be a 100% sativa but I'm just not seeing it.
View attachment 353786

The mystery auto... She's chugging along. About 3 weeks to go. I held off the calcium nitrate from this plant. Just to see when and how fast a calcium deficiency would show up. It showed up last week as it rolled into week 7. I dosed it with some calcium nitrate last feeding and the spread of the deficiency has seems to halt.
Since this auto popped up unexpectedly I've used it to help me feed autos better in the future. My last run with autos I overfed and caused a lot of damage. This grow I've only used jacks and calcium nitrate at low levels each watering and it seems to be a good routine for them. Looking forward to growing more autos this fall. I think I e got a little better grip on what they need now.
View attachment 353788The G13 Haze is a beautiful plant so far. Not much to say about her. I leave her alone and let her do her thing. I don't think she will be real large but I do expect some nice smoke from her. Not much training for her.
View attachment 353787
Beautiful garden
What are you using for your clones I need simple
I do the 45° cut like any other clone. I scuff up the stems with a knife edge and also make some small slits before dipping into clone gel. Then threw them into cups of tap water adding fresh tap as needed. Placed them above the stove with that dim stove lamp burning all the time.
I scuff up the stems and make those little slices and I think that makes a difference. I remember as a kid watching my dad rough up n slice rose bush stems the same way. He just threw them in a glass of water and they'd root without gel. I was thinking of that as I did my clones.

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