G&M Herijuana x Blueberry/Chem Dawg SR x Nanda Devi

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Very grouchy and ornery today…
May 12, 2014
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I am soaking some seeds to grow in my new 2x4 tent(I think Santa is bringing me one based on the box my wife tried to hide).

G&M Herijuana x Blueberry(4 seeds)


Chem Dawg SR x Nanda Devi(3 seeds)

The G&M seeds are from a member here and the CDSR x Nanda Devi seeds are from a local friend. Been meaning to grow the Nanda Devi for a while. The buds my friend gave me were ugly to say the least but the buzz was psychedelic. Nanda Devi is a region in the Indian Himalayas and they grow stringy landrace plants there. I know 7 plants will not fit in my 2x4 but we will see how they progress and culling will happen. I may make some seeds again but that is a work in progress.

They will go in some one cup containers with Roots Organic Green Lite soil. I plan on using AN pH perfect nutes and assorted other stuff. I have some older blurple LEDs that I will be using. Not what I want to have but I have them so I will power thru.
Woo Hoo... Can't wait to follow your work.
I am not impressive to watch grow so I hope I don’t disappoint…

My lights and space will be limiting factors. I just feel like growing at this point. I chose the Herijuana x Blueberry a)because they are G&M seeds and b)they are indica dominant. The CDSR x Nanda Devi will likely be pretty racy which I don’t care for but I am interested to see if the landrace thing shows thru. The ND was the male in the cross. This is what the buds look like.

As I said though, the buzz was very psychedelic which I like.
Change of plans. My Roots Organics Green Lite bag was home to mice and they stored a bunch of sunflower seeds in it. So I sowed the seeds this morning in some peat pots using Coast of Maine Organic Potting Soil. 2 of the G&M seeds have cracked their husks already😁. The peat pots are in a Tupperware container and covered in Saran Wrap. They will go into the furnace room today after the boiler techs inspect my boiler. Dark and warm, just like the seeds like it, until they all show up above the soil. They will go into my temporary grow space(a cardboard box) under a 2 bulb HO T5 fixture with 10000k tubes along with another project I have going unrelated to cannabis.
I am growing some Herijuana X Blueberry right now that Big sent me. I am very interested to see how they compare to the G&M variety that you are starting now. I will definitely have my chair pulled up for this one.
Mine came from big as well. I am going to head over and look at your thread.
Hippie may have been thinking of you. I used to give my pup a small piece of my medicinal brownies when his arthritis acted up(very little chocolate in a dose so not deadly to a 100 lb dog-I looked it up). He would get a stoned look in his eyes and he would get his stride back.
All 4 G&M seeds have popped. In all fairness, the CDSR/ND seeds are 4 or 5 years old. Stored sealed up in the fridge with desiccant packs but they may just not be viable anymore. I haven’t given up yet.
I have 4 seedlings that have the seed husk still attached. Never had a problem with that before. Anyone have a fool-proof(I have been called a fool on occasion) for removing the husk? 3 of the 4 are ‘older’ seeds. Could that be the issue?
I don’t have a foolproof method of getting them off, but it’s a PITA when you gotta do it.
We should design a little tool for that.
I don’t have a foolproof method of getting them off, but it’s a PITA when you gotta do it.
We should design a little tool for that.
I found a site where they had problems with pepper seedlings and they used saliva and toothpicks. Something about the enzymes in the saliva I think. I lubed the husks up pretty good with some spit and let them set for about a half hour and gently used 2 toothpicks to wedge the husk open and they fell right off. Now we will see if my morning breath spit digests the cotelydons I guess…

The 3 in the forefront and the back left seedlings were the patients I surguried…

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