Second harvest questions !!

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High how are you

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Jun 30, 2022
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They= How high are you ???
Me= High how are you ??? Lol

That’s how I got my name guys !!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful growing experience and day and week and life 🙌🏼 Hamdela quick question my friends this is a picture of my second harvest . I am wondering whether transplant these to 5 gallons as opposed to 7 gallon. The 7 gallon are way heavier considering my harvest is 8 plants . I’m using happy frog as a medium and so far amazing results . My grow tents are 4x4 and 5x5 and both are 6 ft tall . Wondering how tall I should let them go I am planning to LST and top them a couple times they jus look so healthy and good now . Anyway any tips would be appreciated . One last thing I am gona try and grow lavender and mint to deter any pest or insect any other suggestion ? I’m in New England


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I love the 7 gallon nursery pots. I like to transplant them three times before landing them there. They seem to like the transplants and it gives me a chance to look at the roots. I have been using cloth pots the last couple of grows tho but still use the plastic nursery pots when transplanting up till the final pot as they slip out much easier. What strains are you growing? That will determine how tall they will grow. I do LST and a scrog net to manage mine with great success. Your plants look real healthy 😊
Hope you don't bring bugs in on marigolds because that means they don't work. I've never had marigolds with bugs but ya never know.
Hello everyone hope your all having an awesome grow experience today !! I’m proud to say I started them from seed myself!! I’ve transplanted today , topped , and trimmed. I fed them nutrients about a gallon each in their respectful 5 gallon pots and cleaned them up after . The strains are God bud, purple gelato , strawberry cough , phantom cookie dominia, gorilla cookies , expert gorilla glue ,cherry pie, pineapple chunk . I guess my next question is if I’m using general hydroponic for nutrients should I giv them anything else besides NPK at this stage . I did sprinkle a generous amount of michroaze the shark kind on the roots and soil as I transplanted . I’m in New England so I’m vigilant of the temp swings at night and I’m thinking of adding mint and lavender in the tent to deter pest and bugs . It’s a before and after pix


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Update picture my friends this is them week 4 since planted in soil 🫡🌬 they had a little yellow as my ph was off and had to recalibrate using a lot of patience I’m using blue lab pen


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