seeds vs. clones grow time

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May 30, 2011
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Does this look accurate?

--with photoperiod seeds its 1-4 weeks germ / seedlings
--then say another 1-3 mos. veg - lets say a short veg cycle of 1 mo.
--Lets use an 8 week flowering plant
So>>> 4 weeks plus 4 weeks plus 8 weeks = 16 weeks total


--clone at avg. 3 weeks to take root
--even though its as old as the plant it came from, its still just a little clone so at least 4 wks veg for ok growth (I know u can flower any time).
--Then 8 weeks to flower
So>>> 3 weeks plus 4 weeks plus 8 weeks = 15 weeks total

What am I missing here - I thought you save time with clones? (I know selecting a Mom makes great future plants and clones save $ on seeds).
Guaranteed females
Known genetics
Knowledge of strain for dialling room in
3 weeks root is a long time, 1 week mostly
The biggie is ££$$££$$, clones are freeeeeeee
I have probably missed other stuff.
7-10days rooting. 1-2 weeks veg.

4-6weeks veg.

3 opposed to 6. times 3weeks x4 grows a year =12weeks worth of extra growing time a year. So clones enable you to push one extra harvest a year opposed to seed starts. ;)
Mutt has it, you can veg the clones as little or as much as you want (size matter to you?? LMAO)...and roots normally only take 2 weeks on clones...give or take!

Woody has the benefits of clones.
clones GArranty females..seeds are still in question..

take care and be safe:bolt::bong:
I vegg clones for 2-3 weeks max.

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