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Jun 9, 2005
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hey... so i cant seem to find out how much jail time ya get fer selling... i live in cali if that matters...anywho im thinkin the most ill sell at a time is an ounce...
anyone got any ideas?
`what part of kali northern on southern anyways i liv up by sacramento and if u get busted sellin anything over i think a qurter u get fuked big time shit but i be slangin ounces just dont get cot ...write me bak p.s. if u have any seeds to trade me i need sum especially sum 1 frum kali
I don't know the sentences, but I'm pretty sure if you have less then 28 grams (one ounce) it's a lesser charge. I know it is here (Canada) and in Michigan anyway.
im from the uk i got busted with half oz, digi scales and £80. I got a £120 fine and 120 hours comunity service :(
hydro, what kinda seeds you lookings for?
thnx hydro... im in socal but i dont got no seeds havnt started anythin yet... over a quarter tho eh? ks... well ill likely only be sellin 8ths anyways so not much of a problem there... thnx fer the info bro

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