whatever happened to the classic autos

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Mar 29, 2020
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I remember about 12 years ago I had an autoflowering seed from a company called dark wizard genetics and it literally took 8 weeks from seed to harvest. It was an AK47 and I got about 1.5 oz per plant and I was very new to growing at the time.

These days autos seem to take the same as photoperiod at about 12 weeks. Does anyone know of any breeders selling these original autos? I know they might not be as potent but I would like the speed of originals
Did someone say Classic Auto’s?
Carty has some great Autos.
Have you ever grown out Zkittles Auto? Its a great smoke.
Wow Looks delicious
Carty do you have anything good for lower back pain

Believe it or not, the Chocoloso Seeds I gave 900 away might.. your choices I find are like this.. weed so
potent you zombie out staring at the clock for 30 minutes while downing an entire bag of Oreo's.. or just passing out. Helped with pain because you were asleep.

However, strains with Chocolate Thai seem to help more then others. Wife and I had some Chocolate Trip F3 that was incredible for back pain. actually nerve and muscle pain, way better then most. So pretty sure
it's the Choc Thai.

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