should i swap lights

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Mar 21, 2011
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Hi guys as some will know im in my first grow i bought secondhand light 400w with i think a euro wing reflector its not the best, i think the bulb has been well used and the light has cut out a few times in the early stages of growing i put it down to the timer but thought id buy a light when i can, so i just ordered a light from ebay thing is im 4 weeks into my grow and as i stated the existing bulb is 400w should i wait till the end of this grow and start afresh with my new light or change over and if i do should the new lamp being more powerfull increase my yeild or would it effect my grow jumping from 400w to 600w this far into flowering woul dit have a harmfull effect any help would be grt thanks guys. light in link below

only harm I can see is Heat..Are these reflectors the same?...and How are you controling the heat now?...temps okay?

take care and be safe
When I first started growing, I did the same, second hand 400W to start off, then new purchase of a 600W. I swapped over right away, more light = more bud (+more heat).
I would also recommend going to the larger wattage light if you can control the heat.
i have oscilating fan and 7 computer fans i have home made carbon filter my computer fans are screwed on to airing holes 3 at the bottom of the door bringing air in 2 lager ones at the top venting i have 2 fans on a pully type system attached to the oscilating fan so when it turns it pulls the fans across then pushes them back moving the fans across the top of the plants i know i like to mess around Mrs calls me MacGyver lol, my closet 10ft /5ft / 2-3ft roughly i have been known to exagerate size so im told :) i also have my cold water pipes running through my closet so helps keep it cool i think the reflector if its the large 1 and i presume it is, as it dosent say in the ebay add i did a search and found that it's probably the large one used for a
600w is normally 600mm x 400mm x 150mm my old one is 400mm x 360 x 150 so not much bigger and it all seems to be ok for my plants at the moment, i know there could be a big jump in heat as the bulb im using at the moment has already been used for some time how long i dont know but i would just have to keep a close eye on things i always like to run things past you guys first before i act lol i have enclosed a pic of the computer fans on my door



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