Sick plants with pics

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A enemy dropped a couple of plants off last night, he couldn't keep them and asked if i wanted them, The roots were a little yellowish and the bottom had like a strange film, I repotted them and it looked like they were in miracle grow with moisture control covered with a inch of something newer, the pots were 1 gallon and weighed 10 lbs. These plants are hurting bad, they look droopy yet wetter than heck. N. overdose maybe, is there a doctor in the house? He claimed they were blueberry.





sounds like you already did what you could do. That last pic of the roots makes me sick to my stomach. If it was me I would have pulled them out of the soil they were in, rinsed off what I could, then repotted....trimmed off all the dead and injured growth and see what happened. If they bounce back great if not who cares, they were free plants!

I see PH issue as well as what maybe a lock out...has the plant stopped growing?..I too say change the soil but I wouldnt rinse the roots doiwn just let what falls off fall...get some good organic soil..not MG either..allways adjust your waters PH befor adding...let soil dry complete then she will be ready again..Love on her she will be fine <<<<<this may help
take care and be safe
Great advice above.

Why'd an enemy drop off plants? Be careful, an enemy can call the police.
Someone drop plants off to me that bad looking I would call him a enemy too
Ya he's been a friend for many many years,the guy brought issues back from vietnam,I was drafted in 68 and understand a few of his problems,he needs a few friends, but friends dont let friends fly fish and they certainly don't give them crap like that!!! I mean a true friend would of given me healthy plants and let me kill em off. seriously though, thank you for your replies, Man they look unhappy today, I may have to completely rinse root system, and cut out the ugly.
Too bad the Easter Bunny has already come and gone. You could have left those out for him to nibble on. Any good clones there?
i dont have many enemies, the ones i do i dont speak with?
Ruffy said:
id hunt for clones also! good luck
actually I'm wanting to give some away!!! I don't have room for what i got in the 19/5 closet, but i do want a good blueberry strain. i've been havein 100% success with the rapid rooters, this batch comeing out now I'm putting some mycorrhizae, in the mix, hopeing to see a difference.

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