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Maconha Diversiteit
May 11, 2011
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I always call good weed "nug" or "kb"... what about you guys?? the real growers.. what do you all call YOUR Nug and what is other terms of slang you use?
vipers? lol ...

we call it top shelf in clinics, or fire or dank (really good meds will get an expletive preceding the word) out of clinics.
Yeah That!!!^^

We say Top Shelf if it's just between my good friends.....

Just talking with any 'ol stoner you'll hear me say....Bud, Fire, and Chronic.
mary jane,, gringo,,,waky baky,,,puff,,,,toke,,,

"get whiskey drunk..smoke some pinners" :rofl:
Over here "we" call it budz, green, sticky buds &/or just plain weed. ;) :bongin:
Lobster claws, donkey dicks, chrononomicon, herbs, trees, weed, nuggets, nugs, nugotrons, nugulations...
Glad to hear dank is still being used. younglings around here call it headies, a-bomb, and blitz.
Yo Ho Ho N,

When I was growing up we called the good stuff
by this name, "Da Kin", slang for the kind. It still goes today, only we have changed over the years too. I still call my smoke Da Kin, but now everyone has a different Knick name to use.
I still call a rolled one a Hoober as in sparking a hoober, and a bowl is still a bowl.

Great question to ask, brings in some great memories.

smoke in peace
Anyone else get annoyed when it is referred to as smoking dope? I knew someone who wld always say " let's go smoke some dope..." and it wld kinda get under my
we call it "trees" "bangin" "fire" "your boy" ex: Damn, your boy is bangin..straight fire!
bud.. trees.. green.. chronic.. dank.. fire.. loud.. dro.. that good good.. some kill..

when white ppl talk about smoking dope they usualy mean weed.. but in tha hood if you talk about smoking dope your talking about crack so..
if its really good,I'll say something like,"Damn dude,that **** is "Certified Dope" bro."but here are a few others i have heard over the years.(just weed in general);grass,herb,smoke,fire,DANK,sewpherb,weed,tweeds,chronic,mary jane,mota,bush(england expression),shrub,sachel,sticky icky,killer green bud(K.G.B.),cheeba,I could go on and on and on,but i think I'll call it good there!:headbang2: :bongin: drd8nk!!!

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