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Apr 11, 2005
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:D I was thinking about the people on this forum while I was making a bowl. Yeah, anyway...Do you guys go out and buy all you weed smoking devices or have you been a cheap ***** like me and made them? What's the wierdest thing you have made a weed smoking device out of?

Well the bowl I was making today was made out of a Gourd my dad grew and dried. It's actually pretty cool. Though hallowing it out was a pain in the ass. Yeah I figure if I smoke out fo it enough and after i use up all my weed and am flat broke I can break it open and scrape out the resin. We have plenty of those gourds so i can just make another.
Well, thats a new one - cheap & useful, though, isn`t it? ;)

I don`t have any devices - I am still trying to learn how to roll a good joint.
Goldie said:
Well, thats a new one - cheap & useful, though, isn`t it? ;)

I don`t have any devices - I am still trying to learn how to roll a good joint.
damn goldie i didnt kno you are a newbie
well anyway i made a water bong out of a paintball hopper and a handle off of one of those aluminum razor scooters it took killer hits and opacked some fat bowls
Put it this way, Mikey - I have spent a whole lot more time reading about than I have in doing it. ;) And I`ve only been reading about it for 6 months or so. :)
when I first started smoking me and a buddy made one pipe out of a trailer hitch my dad had laying around the garage we put black tape over the holes and my a bowl head out of aluminum foil another crazy one we made was out of bamboo and a glass gitar slide that was my fav. considering the trailer hitch one wayed 5 lbs
You know, we never really make things to smoke out here. We just smoke joints or sometimes a water pipe.

When I was traveling it seemed that making things to smoke out was not very uncommon. It's better to smoke it pure without tabaco, but most people here smoke joints with tabacco, the other thing is that you can't roll a pure joint with tabaco here because that would kill you.
Kill you how, MarP? With trichs? THC? :eek:
I used to make pipes and bongs out of strange supplies and sell them to my friends. I once made a bong that ran off an aquarium pump. You would put the joint in a bottle that had air forced into it. The air would in turn, smoke the joint by forcing the air through the joint and into a tube. The smoke then went through a water bong, and into a chamber. You'd let the whole joint burn out, then take the hit. So you'd be smoking a whole joint in one hit. It was crazy!!!

I've made a thousand other too, from the traditional "Apple pipe", to full face-mask, triple bowl pipes.
Goldie, the stuff would be very strong to smoke pure, and it doesn't burn good. But a pipe works great.

Crazy indeed NTC
Oh, thanks:::blushing:::I didn`t realize what you meant there. Yeah, gawd, its all strong - cough, gag, :)
Ive smoked it many different ways, shottie machine is what we call the fishpump gadget. I smoke with heated knives on a gas stove, nice quick hit.
Is anybody here currently growing?
LOL - NTC, u bad! Be nice to her - she just might be yer competition...;)
her? lol
Heres a taster of the garden ill later post.

lol and im a bloke :) A Taniwha is a Mythical dragon told of in Maori legends.
pronounced "Tun-eee-Faaah!!!" and then you poke your tongue out and down and make a menacing face
Sorry `bout the gender thing...but welcome, bloke! Thats a mighty fine sample you`ve got there - can`t wait to see the whole show! :)

Don`t forget to enter our first contest! You will prolly nail it! :D
Ooooo cool....

Let's see here....Uh today my friend was showing us this bowlhe made from an old nintendo controller. Were all wondering if the controller works, but no one has a nintendo that works so yeah. I'm actually wondering if that things gonna melt.
I am cheap but privileged. My father owns a tobacco shop that sells 'paraphenalia' and when something new comes in we both take home samples to try. I've never tried to make a pipe before.
ah you lucky dog. A few days ago Icarved myself a wooden bowl...Can anyone tell that I make smoking devices when I'm bored?...yeah but it's cool, I used my wood burner to put nifty designs on it.
Yeah, it is pretty sweet. I actually got my first bong from my father. He switched to a vaporizer. I am not a big fan of the vaporizer. I like the smoke and the smell.

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