Some sort of leaf blight.

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Oct 9, 2005
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I have a small female plant that has already budded once. I reversed the light timing and regenerated her back to the foliar stage. She responded well and is growing in leaps and bounds but I am seeing some sort of yellowish blight on some of the leaves.
Does anyone know what this is and how to treat it?
wat is a blight is it a spot, if so then there is deficiency of manganese. just foliar feed w/ any chemicle fertilizer that contains MN (manganese).
By blight, I mean some of the leaves are turning yellow with rust-colored spots. It is only on the leaves of certain branches, the rest of the leaves all look vigorous and green.
is it the mid-section of leaves, upper-section of leaves, or the lower section of leaves? If it is lower=there is a nitrogen, phosphorus, Potassium, and Magnesium deficiency. If it is mid=there is a Molybdenum deficiency. If it is upper= there is a sulfur and iron deficiency. Sorry about all the reading.

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