Sponsored Mars Hydro TSL 2000 Rainbow Sherbet Grow

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Quick update on the girls.
They got their first feed today of big bloom. Moving along nicely.
Will be taking cuts in about a week in case I have some amazing keepers.

I found thrips again in my flower tent😡
So I am trying the lady big method this time. Put almost 1000 in my flower tent and a handful in all the others in case the problem
tried to move.

Time to blast the growth and flip coming soon.
Damn thrips! What a bummer. Hope you caught em early and can get them under control.

These girls will get a good defoliation tonight.
About a week recovery then time to flip and see what this light can produce.
I have to say so far I have absolutely no complaints on this new light!
Affordable and reliable with great results in veg so far.

Had a little time between jobs so I came home and got the trimming done.
It always scares me cutting off so much.
But I know it will help in the long run.
Cost almost all the large single fans off besides three on top.
Also took all bottom growth off that will take the plants energy away from producing those colas I am looking for.
Time to bounce back a little and flip to flower.
They're gonna turn in to little monsters! I bet they get huge!
Airbone I just landed me a Mars Hydro sponsorship in my Facebook group I have a t sl2000 on the way. How do you like that like so far. Anything I need to know about it. Does it get too hot xcetera?
That is awesome bro! I love my Tsl 2000 I have not had any heat problems at all.
Just about to switch them into flower,
Veg went great though.
No complaints at all so far.
Already bouncing back.
I am doing some more preventative pest control before I flip these. Considering I have had thrip problems in my other tent twice now, I will be spraying every 3 days to ensure everything is gone.
I hate those lil bastards! Then flower time, probably next Friday.
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Nice Grab on the light, been hearing good things about Mars newer models from my grow buds. They also got into the free grow deals.
My one friend even got the commercial light to try, BIG unit
Had to move the light up today.
Hanging brackets were too long to get any more height out of my tent.
Hopefully not too much more stretch I can go up about 18 more inches.
Plants looking good and healthy!
Time for another undergrowth clean up.

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