strange shit (please help)

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Feb 23, 2005
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just started a new crop ,plants about 8 in tall ,looking very good ,woke up this morning and the top have been eaten or chopped off i feel robbed any answers would be greatful (there in a closet 4x6 good ventalation 400 mhl)please help,,, please love rastafari
That's weird!

Have any pics of your tops because I can't imagine really what has caused that to happen inside a growroom?
Were the tops laying next to the plant or were they completely missing?
What kind of pets do you have? Is there any way they could have gotten into the closet?
If there is no way that pets did it, then it was a person.
hmm i have cats that eat them from time to time, lol,Little fiends. like guru said , probably peeps.
ganja guru they were gone,, found out how there was a small hole in the floor baord and a mouse eat them ..little bastard ,,layed two glue trap ,,got him last nite .i gave him to my cat to beat to death , fairs fair,,,,, thank for the answers guys,,,, time to start over
ha ha ha... that seems fair to me i would do the same .. but a question is it nessaccary to start over can u not keep them going it would b horrible to have to start over
hope the cat ate him................and hope he didnt get caught in cats throat with his gluey feet......
hope the cat caught a little buzz from the mouse.....

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