sun cell growbox

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Apr 4, 2005
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anyone ever heard of sun cell growbox? what you guys think of it?
Heres a video on them they look great.. You can literly put it in your grandmothers closet and she would have no clue to what it is because its oderless noise less and vibrationless

my only question is that how can you fit a 4 - 6 foot ganja tree in that thing

the part is right after some cultavation cup thing with the marijuana man
I saw that video theman, but I think it's over priced, I should be able to build something like that for 1/4 of the price. peace and weed :-D
Ideas, comments, criticisms.

1. Would be perfect for my space, but how will I discreetly order a 50 pound object in the mail?

2. Should have been marketed for "legitimate" indoor growing. "Grow herbs, lettuce, and tomatoes in your own kitchen!". Better distribution that way.

3. Too expensive. $2K?

4. What's the deal with electronic flos? Are they really that much better than magnetic.

5. Stuck with using flos. Tired of them. Way too limited. No way to upgrade to another light type with the sun cell.

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