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Aug 15, 2005
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whats the best way to get great tasteing stuff while curing it i'm only 1 month or so away from pulling them.THANKS
Dry your buds in a low himidity area in the dark for a few days. When buds are slightly dry to the touch on the ouside. Put them in jars or plastic bags, anything air tight. Leave them in there for about 16 hours. Then open the bag or jar and let them air out for 8 hours, if you dont take the buds out, make sure you mix them up so fresh air can get to them, close them back up and increase the time in the bag by an hour. Do this every day, taking away an hour of air time each day. After about a week they will be ready to jar and store. After a few weeks in the jars they will be ready to smoke.

Atleast that's the easyest way I have found. The jar burping method 4 or 5 times a day get's to be a pain in the ass when harvesting alot at one time. I double up some 2 gallon jumbo ziplock bags or use doubled up trash bags. Just alot less work. Good luck :)
Thanks bud i'm going to try this out i'll let you know how it turned out
I have 8 years growing hydro we were geting 26 lbs a month they were the days until i got hitched with 3 kids now i'm in nova scotia where i'm from so if i ask for help about out doors it's because i don't know so thanks for everybody help .
I like to let them drink some grape juice there last 2 weeks

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