tent holes

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I bet even though it will cost more money upfront it will pay off in the end to get better tent and light now rather than pay for the starter kit only to fork out more later on the upgrade,
Even better talk to the new light sponsor up top page they offered a light for free to try and some the grow in a journal here, FREE Light for doing a grow show................
Can you still send it back and get a better deal on things
nah but i gut a new light i gut a carbon thingy and i dunno if this fan will be gud but if not i will get another one.. i wish i would have did some research and i would have gut something different but im happy like i said im new, so its learn as i grow.. thx
Mars Hydro use to offer free models all the time to prove their worthiness
I wonder if the new sponsor will do the same
Can never hurt to ask?

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