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Jul 19, 2005
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This is a post that was done by in another section when there was no Marijuana Legalization forum. I thought it might be good to re-post it here.

The truth has to come out, and forums likes this are great, but people that are not for hemp wont read this forum. The word must get out, and it wont happen all by itself. Though it is good to post stuff hear about MJ because I know people that are chronic smokers that don't know anything about the history of weed. I mentioned in a post from another pro mj group which I will re-post here a little about the problem with getting it legalized.

There is an old video called The Truth about Cannabis. It delves
into a lot of the reasons why Cannabis will remain illegal along
with all the things that can be done with our beloved Hemp. The
video is old and was never put out on DVD. If anyone wants a
copy I will make one for $5.00 plus $4.50 in the U.S. for shipping.
If you can find it get it. I'm not making anything on it. If you want to order it. Just e–mail me off group. I also have other MJ
informative videos that I will throw on for no charge. Like I said I'm not trying to make a buck, just trying to get the info out. It's informative and will make you even madder that hemp is illegal. The industries that lobby against it are:

The pharmaceutical industry
The oil Companies
The lumber Industry
The food industry
The cotton and cloth industry

Those are a just a few. The videos will discuss the reasons why.

Did you know that the commercial with the 15 year old smoking pot
showing and abnormal brain scan was a lie? The brain scan was from a comatose person, not the 15 year old smoking pot.

If you can also find the May 2005 issue of the Canadian Cannabis
Culture Magazine there is a great article on the U.S. Governments
propaganda program against pot.

Another great TV show that can be picked up or seen now and then on TV is The History Channel show: Hooked: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way. A mind blowing show. You can order it from the History channels web site. You can also check your library. Mine had it. It tells the truth with no bull shit.
Get stoned while watching it. Not that it's trippy, just its kind of like partying with friends. Sounds strange I know. Its like trying to watch "Up In Smoke" straight.

When I saw this show for the first time on TV and the other video I told you about; it was like coming out of the Matrix and seeing the whole truth. You really have to see if you can find that other video "The Truth about Cannabis" It talks about the industries fighting againsst the legalization, and how hemp could save them and our world.

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