timming 1moth old plants

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i heard somewhere that it is necessary to make some kind of cutting for young plants in order to make them grow faster and better. is it true?
and one more question, why i should make cloning?

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Cloning is just a sure way to end up with a female.
But you must take the clipping from a female plant.
It also saves $ on seeds.
4good, you are probably talking about fimming or topping. Some people swear by it - others totally refuse to do it...

A clone is a good strong cutting off a plant that you already know is healthy & potent - and like Joe said, it saves on seeds - saves on grow time, also. :)
4good when you top a plant it restarts the growing process because the plant has to completly start from day one again the yeild part of it really depends on the strain some flourish yeild wise when topped some just stay the same the bagseed I was growing didnt respond well to being topped and I got the same amount off it compared to the untopped ones topping is just letting the bottom braches catch up to the top of the plant
thank you guys for information.
today i decided not to make any kind of fimming, topping or cutting. i will let them grow in natural way
Goldie said:
4good, you are probably talking about fimming or topping.

Fimming is NOT topping. Topping is the act of removing the top of the plant by way of disecting the stem. Removing the apical meristem, or pinching (or fimming if you like). In pot this means removing 90% of the center growth top leafs. Fimming and pinching are slang terms which means to remove the apical meristem.
[font=&quot]Here's an excerpt from the "Library of Crop Technology"

[/font]"Pinching is removing up to 1/3 of the growth to encourage production of side shoots and reduce height and promote a more dense and bushy habit. This happens because the apical meristem (growing point) also produces hormones that circulate through the plant and suppress branching from lower axillary buds. Removing the apical growing point removes the source of these hormones, and axillary branching is no longer suppressed. This technique delays blooming but the improvements in overall habit and appearance is worth it." .........Marlene Wagner, Master Gardener

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