Too bud or not too bud?

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Sep 14, 2005
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I have a plant that is 12 weeks old and its been in flowering for about 4 weeks. The hairs are begining to turn brown but no buds yet just long hairs and some of the leaves are starting to fall off (only like 2 have came off). Its about 32 inches and its in a 1 1/2 gallon maybe 2 gallon container. I use greenhouse fert. 20-20-20. Its got flours. on it right now but i have a 400 watt hps light but no bulb.
hey gc i do believe your rootbound . i think you need atleast 1 gallon per ft height . if it were me would transplant it in a 5 gallon bucket and go back to veg stage for awhile .
You need to flush too. Rinse those roots. If it is rootbound and your using 20-20-20 fert. you have all kinds of yuckie in there. I would flush the pot its in then transplant. I garuntee that there are nUt, out of wack PH, and tons of salt build-up in that soil.
I wouldn't reveg though. That would cause more stress. IMHO
i transplanted about 4 days ago into bigger bucket. My leaves in the mid and lower section are curling downwards a little bit and some parts of the leaves are turning yellow or are dead. Any advice would be appreciated?
i would try to find a fert with a higher p like 10/50/10 since you are flowering .sounds like maybe a phosphorus deficiency . but you 20 p shouldve been adeqate.

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