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whats up everyone.:D my girlfriend was going to toss her sons toy box away so i decide to transform it into a grow box.:rolleyes: i will be doing a (LST) low stress train on (1)WHITE WIDOW, AND (1)WHITE RHINO which are 1 week 6 days old today.:p i have never tried this before so follow me along on this journey into the unknown.:cool: i will be transplanting over the next few days and will give a update.:)

GROW BOX - measures 26 inches tall, 14 inches wide, and 15 inches deep. inside is painted flat white.

(1) 2 1/2 inch CMF fan sucking hot air out
(1) air hole using PVC sucking cool air in
(1) 45 watt CFL 2,700 lumens output
(2) 15 watt CFL tubes not sure on lumen output
will be adding another 45 watt CFL this week.

here are a few pics. i will update once a week so stay tuned.:)






mang TBG you're a quite THE fabricator. Do people ever try to tell you that you're disabled? :p
Hick said:
mang TBG you're a quite THE fabricator. Do people ever try to tell you that you're disabled? :p
whats up hick. thanks for the comments. when i was 16 i fell off a building and broke my back and was paralized from the waist down. you would be suprised the stupid shit i try to do and have done.:rolleyes: i'm one of those people who likes to do everything themself if i can ya know. maybe one of these days i will post my story in the coffee table thread.
whats up everyone.:) here is a quick update. today my WHITE WIDOW, AND WHITE RHINO are 2 weeks old and i transplanted them into 2 liter containers. here are a few pics. the 3rd pic shows the stem tied to the side of the container.



Looks proffessional. I like your setup. I'm gonna keep checking on your ww to see how mine are supposed to look.
whats up everyone. time for a update on these two young girls at 2 weeks 3 days old. atleast i hope they are girls. i added another 45 watt cfl today bringing the total number of lumens to over 5,400. they love it. i also topped both of them and tied down the white rhino for the second time so it looks like a u. here is a pic. the white rhino is on the left and the white widow is on the right.

here we are at 2 weeks 5 days and these suckers are doing great. :D check out all the new growth after topping 2 days ago. also check out the redish purple stems. :p




doing great bueatiful plants b grunt , keep us updated
Looking mighty good after just topping.You have a very nice and organized grow with beautiful workmanship on your grow areas.
Slowhand said:
Looking mighty good after just topping.You have a very nice and organized grow with beautiful workmanship on your grow areas.
thanks Slowhand. i was going to ask you are your white widow and white rhino from nirvana? do you have redish purple stems? even the leafs have a purple tint to them. :rolleyes:
How's it goin Grunt.My White Rhino was from nirvana but the WhiteWidow was from Greenhouse seeds i think.Yes i had purple on the stems and when it was drying i seen alot of purple and cherry colors in the lower buds.I'm going to harvest my other WW this afternoon i think and the WR still has a week to go i think.
Slowhand be sure to give us some pics of your harvest. also how about a smoke report on those beauties.
whats up everyone. well here we are 3 weeks 1 day into are experiment and these babies are kicking ass. not sure if you can see but i have almost all the fan leaves tied down to the side of the containers. i cant believe the amount of new growth since i topped them and tied them down. here are a few pics.




whats up everyone. i decided to give an update because i had to cut the bottoms off the 2 liter containers and i set them in 2 gallon pots. i did it this way because i have them tied down to the 2 liter containers. i didnt want them to get root bound. also when i cut the bottoms off i cut some of the roots.:eek: as of this morning they are still looking healthy. i hope i didnt harm them by cutting the roots. we will see. here are a few pics.




whats up everyone. its that time of the week for an update on my two babies. as of today they are 4 weeks old and getting very bushy. i broke a branch the other day tying down the white rhino. i thought for sure it would be dead the next day but that sucker is strong and green as ever. i have tied these babies down every way you can think of. i had to take them out of the toy box and move them into the speaker. ran out of room. anyway here are a few pics.



Dayum Grunt!! That was done exclusively with the CFL "pigtail" lights that were first shown in the blue box? And instead of transplanting you simply reset the small pots into the slightly larger ones to let the roots excape" simular to NFT? Proof of the pudding is in the eating and you are on the downhill stretch to a nice Bowl of it!! I recently had some G13xbsh and for the hell of it started them under the same sort of setup, I was amazed at how vigorous they became. They went outside with no probs, but the growth slowed down large. you saw what I used to do outside, cant lift those big 15 gallons around anymore, think ill try your method start to finish, thanks for the motivation!!! nice!
Wow Brother Grunt. That is some bushy plants. That is some great training.

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