Trying to finish up the cab, need some input

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Jan 15, 2011
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[FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Title says it, I'm trying to finish this up, although I hit a wall and made some mistakes hopefully you all can help me out with. Originally my light was gonna be inside the cab, hence why the fans are a little low. Decided to run it on top of the cab to reduce heat and save me some headroom.

My original plans for a small carbon filter went out the window, I ordered an S&P TD100 mixvent inline fan. Read alot about them on another forum and heard nothing but good things. Quiet, and can push thru a 4x20ish filter no problem, should be perfect for my size cab....gonna make my own scrubber, either a traditional approach or one like Benamucc did in the DIY..can't find the thread though.

I was planning on exhausting into the small chamber I made on the side and from there scrubbing the air out..

Anyway, check the pics out, I think I need to re-do my vent plans...things can get changed around so i'm looking for some good input, criticism, whatever...

The CAD drawing shows what the vent setup is right now, minus the S&P fan that will be in action.

The cab flower space is 15"x19"x28"
Veg space below the small air chamber is 15"x12"x18"






wish i could help you but... honestly.. i dont really understand .. no disrespect but i dont really understand the point of this.. just clear out a spot and hang your light and grow some plants.. why build that whole thing? to hide the grow? from who? if the cops are in your house lookn around they gonna find it regardless.. just seams like a lot of work for a very very small grow space....
none taken, I hear yah...just trying to keep it somewhat concealed, my wife is understanding enough to let me grow, she doesn't like the smell and doesn't wanna see a closet completely taken over. Maybe in the future, but this is what I have to work with right now..

And honestly I think i'm way overthinking this, changes designs halfway thru didn't help. I'm looking for some ideas to have a more efficient ventilation/scrubbing system with the s&p fan I have coming..

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