Unbelievable Sunflower Germination

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Mar 27, 2005
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Two weeks ago I planted some Maximillian sunflower seeds in a container with a lid. I did not water them - I just put the seeds in and put it under a table, so I could start the germinating when I got settled in.

I went to move them today, and surprise! They sprouted and are appx. 2" tall, lying in the soil across the container! The stems are like thread, but wow! what strength they have, to germinate in the dry dark. I`m impressed!
6" tall and thriving! I have had them in the window with the breeze blowing on them - they raised right up - the little peckerwoods - ha ha ha!

The stems are thickening nicely, but one is purple, all the rest are green...its an odd thing, with all seeds out of the same seed packets. But they`re pretty! :)
Wow...holy crap...Germanated in a dry contanter. Crap. Kind of wierd that the stems turning purple. I garden with my dad sometimes and I've never seen a purple sunflower stem.

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