Urgent Confirmation of a Hermie

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Jan 29, 2022
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Hey Wise Ones,

Once again I have been away for 5 days. There was a fair bit of rain predicted, so I left the plants on an airy light verandah, although based on today it doesn't seem like there has been much Sun.

As suspected some are starting there flowering stage as a result.

I have a couple that as a result of recent stresses I think have turned Hermie.

I'm just looking for urgent confirmation as soon as possible.

Once again the advice is greatly appreciated


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Hey There Brothers,

Things seem to be coming along pretty well.

Just wanted to see it any of you wise ones have any suggestions for these ones.

Thanks in advance..


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It sure looks that way about being Sativa.
A few mistakes along the way, so hopefully learnt a couple of lessons for next time.

Thanks Mate
I hope everyone is well.

A little bit of advice needed on pruning.

Do you think I should be knocking off the fan leaves on these babies?

Approx 4 weeks into flower for most of them give or take.

A couple are just starting.

Cheers in Advance


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I just went crazy on all the big fan leaves on my flowering plants starting their 4th week of flower. Please don’t take my advice as this is just an experiment I’m trying. Mine are clones and probably had a little more veg time than yours but were really crowding my small tent as I kept two extra clones I didn't intend to because I have this weakness we won’t talk about now…. I feel like I kinda raped all my girls of their beautiful dark healthy green fan leaves in a way removing every large leaf with a long stem Leaving only some small leaves and the buds. It’s been three days now since I did this and I’m finally getting use to the new haircut and top view. I can see thru to the bottom of the tent now from the top. I’m running an extra fan blowing away from the plants. My humidity is staying around 35% with temp around 77f. The plants did not seem to mind so far. The bud sites look as if they are all getting light and they seem to be stacking I believe it is called with a bud ever inch or so up the stem. I was expecting them to get a little taller like their mothers did but maybe at four weeks they are not getting much more height this time. I’m not sure how fat the buds are suppose to be at this point but am attaching a picture of the overhead and a bud stack I think… When I look at them today, they almost look like they need another trim…
Hey Submarine Girl,

Your look pretty good to me 3 days out from a big prune.

It's been 33 odd years since my last grow, so this has been a late in the season experimental outdoor grow in pots.

I wasn't sure how long I would get in the veg stage. I guess now I know.

Made mistakes in the seedling stage, but managed to solve most of them as I've moved along. I'm pretty happy with that, and will be much better prepared for when the next season rocks around for an on time start.

I think I'll just remove fans leaves covering buds, and leave the rest for bud food later on.
Muggy, you are outdoors and it is some stretchy sativa looking stuff. If it was me, I wouldn't trim nothing. Keep them going. Just my opinion, I would say that you are starting to get to the limits of your pots, root bound wise.
Muggy, you are outdoors and it is some stretchy sativa looking stuff. If it was me, I wouldn't trim nothing. Keep them going. Just my opinion, I would say that you are starting to get to the limits of your pots, root bound wise.

Thanks mate.

I agree, that's why I'm thinking just the fan leaves covering Bud sites.

With transplanting - I've thought of doing that, I'm just wondering if I'm too far along.

Trying to make that decision right now.

What are your thoughts?
Cut lower nodes off of branches, never cut the fan leaves. That’s my motto.

I specifically cut off nodes and leave the fans at those nodes (lollipop). My plants are usually finishing flower with their cut in half clone leaves still attached. The oldest leaves are the best indicator of the health of the plant. They are also “foodstuffs” in case the roots stop feeding so well.

Doing this is triple insurance. You are reducing the garbage larff, you are reducing the load on the lower parts and increasing yield up top, you are also making the plant stronger because those fans were meant to grow those nodes and those nodes are gone now.

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