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May 30, 2005
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does anyone know where to get some good as vaporizers and if anyone has vaped outta a bc vaporizer is it nice cause i think im gonna get it if its good\

I know this is probly a pretty dumb question but ive never used a vaporizer let alone seen anyone use one. What exactly does it do? Thanks
It vaporizes THC. At 225 degrees the THC on the buds you pack into the vaporizor turns to a light fresh tasting mist that you then inhale into your lungs and get high. Make you lungs Happy Get a Happy Vappy. Read more about it on my website.. and look for the Happy Vappy.


I tried a vaporizer the other day that a friend had bought
and I thought it was great! The problem is that they are expensive.
I tried to buy one on ebay but lost the bid twice so I tried making one. Well what I came up with was awsome and it worked every bit as well as the boughten one. I even had everything I needed laying around the house so it didn't even cost me anything. If anyone wants to know what I did just drop me an email. Cheers DLC
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