veg period for clones

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May 30, 2011
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I'm looking at growing photoperiod plants instead of autoflowers.
My question is if I veg, say 6 weeks and clone in the 2nd week of flower--
Am I back to early veg stage with the clones even though they're as old as the ones staying in flower? It would seem the only time I'm saving is the seedling stage, since I'm not going to put 6 inch clones into flower yet.
would't they be really small since they were just clones? - sorry, new at photoperiods
You CAN put 6" clones into flower.
A few months ago, I experimented with a clone I took from a flowering plant that I did not reveg, I put it in soil and flowered it as soon as it was cut and it now has 2 weeks left to go. It is a pathetic weedly thing but it worked as an experiement.
You can veg your clones for as little or long as you want...I like to flip my clones after 2 weeks or so of veg and then grow Lolipops.... The longer the veg the bigger the yield...within reason of course. Jmo
I would take the clones before you put them into flowering. They should root easier and faster.

Part of the benefits of clones is knowing what you are growing.
IKE said:
before flowring?

no "re-vegging' to it ike. simply 'vegging' :) the cuts/clones are the same age/maturity as the donor/mother that they came off of.
Once the cuts are rooted, you are starting with 'mature' plants, ready to flower. You're only need is to veg/grow them to the size that you want to flower at.
That should depend on the style/type of setup. Lights, size. ect. "IMO"

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