Veg with HPS?

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of course. a fuller spectrum will offer stronger, more robust, healthier veg plants... and have the potential for more potent buds. :)

HPS alone will cause some stretching...
In my current grow, I started under 4 cool florescents for 3 weeks, then bought my 150w HPS and put them under it for the next 2 weeks of vegging. The HPS outperformed the tubes in the same area. More lumens definitely helped in my case, but I am sure that plants grow fine under HPS for all stages. I have used MH for vegging with great results as well, but MH isn't great for flowering. Using both during flowering increases lumens which increases yield, especially if you use the MH to get light to areas that the HPS isn't penetrating to. I know this isn't very scientific evidence for you, but that's what I have observed myself. Hope it helps.

Rosebud said:
Can you veg with HPS? and MH together?

Sure you can! I've vegged with only HPS for many years. They work great.

Now, I just use LEDs for vegging. They work great also.
Rose, my current grow in my journal spent have of its veg with mh and hps, 600 of each, the other half was 2 hps bulbs, didnt seem to hurt or help.
I give advice, even when i dont take it. Using MH and HPS are very beneficial for the plant. But working towards efficiency you can purchase a Hortilux EYE super HPS and get nearly a full spectrul, with max lumen/ my experience this has woked best for me BEING MOST EFFICIENT.

As always my rule is "more lux = more bud" but there is a point at which you are robbing yourself of $$...some plants (like my LSxOG18) just dont care what spectrum you give em, they bud the same nearly everytime (very stable plant).

Rose I learn the same lesson evey time i see/help a new grow: "What works for me best may not for you."

Trial and error...but you are on the right track!
Thank you all very much, names I respect getting back to me quickly is awesome.
I turned on the HPS along with the MH. They have been vegging under T5's til now.I thought I would finish the veg under the MH for the next couple of weeks then flip.

Thank you guys so much. I really really appreciate it.

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