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Nov 29, 2022
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Hey I'm the new guy, second time for that today... anyways I just had my first decent grow, with minimal amount of effort, money, seed genes... I grew some tiger eggs I found in the skunk grass I was smoking. I used miracle grow overwater & underwatered soil protection/feeds up to 6 months. 110watt LED over a 4x3x2 dog kennel wrapped in mylar blankets. Pruned them 2xs during flower with almost 3 weeks between. Didn't feed anything during flower bc of the soil I didn't want to burn them. Looking back I feel I should have fed them lightly the first couple of weeks they popped OR I should have topped them(this is a big question i have if someone would give an opinion)... I also transplanted them once. Got roughly an 1¼ ounces per plant even though one was taller than the other, that shorty was thiiiiick. The tall one was super skunky(2½ft-3ft tall)and the shorter(2ft) was more sweet with a little stink and both were smooth smoking. Covered in cyrstals. Thanks and glad to be here!


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wazuuuuuuupppppp? Well, it looks like you got some fire there. Def didn't need any more nutes by the look of the green on leaves. I can only recommend more wattage to get those nodes closer so you can get tighter heavier buds/colas. Yes, training/topping would have created more bud sites, more even canopy, and possibly fatter nugs. But Ill tell ya it looks like great smoke! Well done, and welcome!
Hey now, welcome to the passion. Always good to be pleased with a grow. Stick around and start a thread on your grow so we can see, learn and maybe help too 😊 there are a lot of experienced growers here that love to help…
Welcome to the club
Happy to have you with us,
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