Watering? How often is too often?

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Mar 31, 2005
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Ok my seedling have just been planted 2 days ago and i've got them under 24/7 250w MH light...now i'v read that it's best to water when the top 2inches of the soil has dried out, but i've also read once a week is enough too. Which is the best way to go...i know that underwatering is much better than over-watering but i'd rather just get it right. Any advice on watering schedules?

I checked the babies this morning and i already see a sprout coming through. The top 2inches of soil was quite dry so i gave em a cup each of water...is this enough? I have two plants in seperate 6" pots and one plant in a slighlty larger ~8-9" pot. Can someone please tell me how much water is too much or not enough at this stage of growth?

Thanks in advance
At this stage of growth, you should keep the soil moist, with BRIEF dry periods. Water until it starts to come out the bottom. YOu want to get an even soaking.

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