What do yall smoke

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I am a hardcore bong smoking weeed fiend from northern England, smoke buckets spliffs or pipes?
Solid or buda
i mostly smoke spliffs, but i'm a bongcollector, so occasionally a good bong is sweet, or a fat blunt.

hi i am a weed fiend from the US i like joints, pipes, bongs, and any thing that i can just ******* smoke it out of but i would have to say i love the gravity bong :) i have one opinion though i dont think marijuana should be legalized, because the crooked ass government would tax the **** out of it. bye
Hiya. I don't really like joints. I think it's kind of a waste of weed. I like pipes
(especially the wooden one I made a few nights ago). Bongs are good too. I love a good gravity bong.
I use hotknives, all the time. Use less pot, and get a quick fix.
I smoke it in all manners save for blunts...never have gone there myself.
I smoke mostly joinnts, but when hunting I carry a deer antler bowl, that my father -in law made me. I plan on buying a glass peice at some point.
Joints, bowl, and bonging it are my thing! ;) When I walk my dog to the lake I prefer a joint but at home anything goes! ;) Not into blunts.....:p
i smoke blunts, joints, gravity bongs, pens, markers, wooden pipes i make in my garage, flashlights, glass bowls, tinfoil(when have nothing else), practically everything that has 2 openings
My father owns a tobacco shop that sells pipes, bongs, and shit, so when something new comes in he and I take samples home to try. My favorite is a little acrylic bong about 6" high. I used to smoke blunts alot but they kill the taste of the weed. Anyone ever try fruit? I saw an article in a magazine about making pipes out of fruit.
You take 2 butter knives, heat em up like mad and jam a ball of hash in between and suck the smoke. Not my favorite way, too much work:p .

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