What do you guys think of this? Hermie?

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Nov 26, 2005
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Hi guys been in the closet for a couple months. Finally started budding my plants and i have a question. *** is this? Hermie?


It's got balls dude :( . Can you take a pic of the rest of the plant?
Can you post some pics with more light? Maybe the flash? Looks like male flowers to me, but I need to see them better. (Old eyes)
that looks like a full grown male,i dont see any white hairs
I have to agree with ggone. "Full blown male"...

...'chop chop...dingy-maow
I've got smaller balls than that. Get rid of it.
yup. nothing but balls on that sucker. give him the axe. :eek:
Hi Man
sorry mate but that is a male, 4 of my PUKKA SKUNK bought from PUKKA SKUNK turned hermie stay away from that company Bro (not that you went there in the 1st place, but just a little friendly advise!)
I'd post that in the seedbank thread. This thread is 5 months old. ;)
but thanks a million for the heads up. That kind of info is what keeps these breeders and sellers on the up and up. Word of mouth is great.

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