What happend to all my posts?

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Feb 23, 2010
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Hey, iv been a memberof MP for over a year now. And havn't had internet or a computer for the past 7 months...So i havn't been on in a while.. I just now got a new comp and the net and all that great stuff. But when i log back on all my posts are gone? says i have 39? when iv had atleast 300... And have been thanked at least around 150, but don't see any thanked anywhere? Iv also noticed the site is a lil diff, i guess you cant thank ne more? If anyones willing to help clear up my confusion, that'd be great. Otherwise i look forward to continue sharing and learning grow knowledge with you all once again!
hmm.. ive never even noticed that you cant thank people anymore.. i didnt really see a point in it so i never did it before...

donno what happend to your posts man U should msg a mod and maybe they can help you out..

i love that avatar by tha way..
Welcome back...MP had a big server crash end of last year..All was lost.
Hick auctioned them off on eBay and kept the money to buy a new sheep.
"Hick auctioned them off on eBay and kept the money to buy a new sheep".

Art is a sick puppy!
"nutton beats mutton".....
Sheep don't get suspicious if you have to work late.
A sheep doesn't expect you to support her for the rest of her life after one roll in the hay.
A sheep won't get drunk and throw up in your car.
A sheep will never complain about the spittoon in your pickup.
# A sheep will never throw out your old copies of Playboy.
# A sheep won't care if you keep your fish bait in the refrigerator.
# A sheep won't get even with you by spending your paycheck on new clothes, none of which are see-through or meant to be worn in the bedroom.
A sheep won't think you're cheap and tacky if you: send daisies instead of long-stemmed red roses, tip less than 20%, wear levis with a hole
# You can't tell when a sheep is over weight.
# Sheep don't hog the bathroom for hours on end every morning.
# Sheep won't drag you to a chick flick.
# Sheep aren't feminists.
# Sheep don't get offended when you drag 'em out with shears and shave 'em down.
# A Sheep doesn't try to get you jealous by flirting in front of you with your friends.

I have more.....
lol thanks guys. Appreciate the info. All is good, just curious. And thanks for the welcome back! Feels good to be back! And whats all this about a sheep????
Aussies like LOTS of sheep...

EsC420PoT said:
And whats all this about a sheep????
Hick is a sheep herder...of sorts :holysheep: :rofl:
:welcome: Back!! The "thanks" button contributed to the crash so we dont have it now, Instead you go to that little symbol in the lower left that looks like a scale, click on it then you can give good or bad rep. Also not all was lost, they lost everything posted from March 2010 to the end of the year. 9 months worth.
Mutt said:
Hick is a sheep herder...of sorts :holysheep: :rofl:

I thaught he was Breading with them:rofl:

welcome back...either your pics was lost in the crash as stated or Hick was playN around with server again:hitchair:

take care and be safe
thanks guys will do ;) And who evers got a beatiality obsession with sheep, should get some help! lol!!

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