What humidity when cured?

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I thought the lower the heat, the less light and the lower the humidity is best for curing.
I want to create a humidor for mj, I researched a substance to dehumidify the fresh mj all I need to know is what's an acceptable humidity for mj which should keep as well as cigars in a humidor.
ive read that mj is best kept in the came conditions as tobacco. i believe ganga guru taught me that! just buy a regular cigar humidor.
How much do one of those things cost neways...be better then my fake popcan. =)
i got one on ebay shipped to me for about 35 bucks. its a smaller one. built for about 150 cigars. but it will hold an ounce pretty easy. i just use it for the stash i smoke out of.
Thanx FTW I was just talking to GG yesterday about this, he said the same.

I looked at humidors on ebay, for ideas, 'cause I am inventing a dehumidor-humidor. When finished I'll be able to put green mj in set it 'n' forget it till I want to smoke it. Now that I have the proper % all is well in the forest!
It's working! :D

The ambient humidy where I live is 60%+ so I'm creating a dehumidor to take enough water out to make it psychoactive without heat! :eek:

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