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May 4, 2005
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hey guys. ive been smokin bud for just a year now, and now im growing. The only problem i have right now is to get some fertilizer (poor sonofabitch). Anyone here like Phish? Whats crazy is that everytime im riding my bike, i always manage to almost get hit by 2 cars, run into a phone pole, phone pole suspension wire, the curb and run off the curb into traffic. i think my guidence system is messed up.
you can find basic nutritients in the gardenshop or order them @ a online shop. Maybe you need to cut down on smokin' you might get hurt.

mabey you should take that as a sign and quit riding
Anyone here like Phish?
Love it. Rolled in cornmeal and quick fried in a cast iron skillet. Hard to beat...:D
woah... i thought i posted this in the introduce yourself place, but it wasnt there so i posted another one... i need my bike to ride over to this place to do my community service, got busted trespassing. funny thing is there was bag a weed in between me and my friends and we had just smoked in this shack, when some railroad cop came by and busted us. luckily they said there wasnt enough evidence for possesion so i only got 24hrs

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