Whats up everyone?

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Jun 9, 2011
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how are you all doing? Im a person who likes their marijuana (although i haven't smoked in months for some reason??) and well, for another reason, I have an urge to smoke, but I want to do it productively. That lead to me start thinking about growing a small private/community stash! TO keep the story short, I've been doing a little research in the past 2 hours (hahah) and found this site so I registered and im hoping I cant get some good input, advice and guides from the people and database here as I now start to calculate the costs and possible profit margin from starting a 2 plant op. Ciao for now and good luck to your endeavors
Irish said:
welcome to mp genuine. you'll find all the info you seek here, and alot of good times along the way. read read read. look at pretty pics. smoke a bowl. then read some more...peace...

hah thanks man. ive been reading lots of good info here for several hours now. i wish i could take a toke break but i put a challenge to myself to hold out on smoking until i harvest my first crop. just makes the smoke and the harvest that much danker...if the grow goes well that is which im pretty confident will be fine so long as i dont have curious adventurous visitors coming to my home!
Welcome to MP....good luck with your journey. I dont know if I cld hold out smoking that long.:)
hey genuine, have fun and read read read, more then a few hrs,lol. lots to learn and a great deal of kool help. enjoy

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