When planting clones

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Jan 31, 2005
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when planting clones, how much of the root has to be out of the rock wool cube before its able to be planted.
DS, you have luck useing those "Rapid Rooters" for clones?...
My Rap-rooter cloning episode was a miserable failure. I don't think I had a single survivor. Love 'em for seeds, but never mastered the cloning with thm.
Really ? That sucks man. They are the fastest rooting stuff I have used so far. That clone there was cut only 4 days ago.
This is my second bag of them. So out of about 100 clones. I only had one die.
nice work DC. Only 4 days for that to root, thats amazing. most of mine have rooted so far but took 2 and ahalf weeks to root and maybe you seen then in some pics that i posted but i'm just learning. so those plugs work better then rockwool?
The thing about the rapid rooters is they stay too wet. When I first started using them, the clones would rot before they ever rooted. So I keep the tray dry and just wet the plugs down before I put the clone in it. By the time the plug is dry they have rooted. Since I started keeping the bottom tray dry, I have lost 1 clone. And when the tray is full. I need to open the dome twice a day and shake the drops off the dome. It's just too humid. So maybe the trick is to keep them a little dryer then you think you should ?

Havent tried rockwoll cubes. I should just to see what kind of luck I get with them to compair. And that 4 day one was just lucky. It normaly takes about a week. I put some clones just in soil under the dome. The plugs rooted about 3 days faster. After about a week all of the rapid rooters were rooted and only two of the six soil ones were rooted. So I put the soil ones in the rapid rooters and ended up with roots on all of them in about two more days.

So I can safely say that the rapid rooters are alot faster then the basic soil rooting I used to do. But I cant say it's faster then anything else cause I havent tryed it, Sorry bro.

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