which is better; 12/12 HPS or 24/0 6500k T5?

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Feb 6, 2011
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I was wondering if I'd do better keeping the Il Diavolo I have under the T5 with 6500k 24/0; or if I'd do better with 12/12 under HPS?:confused: Anyone with experience or just educated input please jump in!
the plant you are talking about is a autoflower so I would run it 20/4 under the hps......
If you can meetmrfist is right, 20/4 or 24/7 under hps would be best.

You didnt mention what lumen output those lights are? How much light per square foot would they be getting?

Cant answer if we cant compare the 2. If the t5 isn't enough light then you might want to keep it under the HPS while lights are on and then move it under the t5 while lights are out. This is under the assumption you have 12/12 strains running and in my opinion would be your best option if your restricted by 12/12 strains.
I would run the autos 20/4 under the hps
pcduck said:
I would run the autos 20/4 under the hps
Well not that it's an issue anymore (see my GJ in sig) but I was running only one HPS for flowering 12/12 strains as well... I was actually going to start running 12 hours HPS and 12 hour T5... But as you'll see; not an issue anymore!

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