white dwarf 45days

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Apr 6, 2011
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hey im growing my first plant she is looking not 2 bad she is an auto white dwarf and is bout 3ft tall and she has lots of bud site here is a pic hope u can give me sum feed bk she is growing in bio bizz all mix and have been feeding her bio bloom and an pk 13/14


What is the size of your grow space and How much light are ya hitting her with?
yes he does...that is not enoughj light....if ya can add more it will help with finale product...they do look nice though...thanks for shareing

Happy smokeing
She's pretty she's just reaching for the stars askin for more light and/or reflection. Is the light to hi? I want to try this strain I heard the smoke is comparable to photo sensitive strains. What's your light schedule?
Dang! Those are some big auto's. I just got 5 auto's from attitude and have been studying them and for indoor those are huge. Out door they get big but all the pics I've seen from indoor are nowhere that size.
bonzoboy youl love ww its a top auto strain,,great taste and high,,,, mybe move your light closer to stop it streching sum more,,, peace[j]

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