White Widow 5 week of flowering....

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Jun 22, 2011
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....White Widow 5 week of flowering....

One 250w bulb,
2 flat led panels (100 lights) one either side of plant and another above the plant facing down,
the plant is in a 1 metre squared tent there is a fan in there and temp and humidity monitor (i keep it around 20-30 degrees celsius, i think around 70 or 80 f and between 40 and 60% humidity) just adding a makeshift Co2 set up now

misted frequently watered every two or three days and i have been trimming away struggling fan leaves as well as the bottom ones,

however the plant is huge any advice on more trimming or should i leave it and anything else would be appreciated

........ANY COMENTS WELCOM........











They look good to me. I am in my last 2 weeks as well. The leaves look shiney ,do u mist them? Most of all of my leaves down lower as suffering from a def of some sort and I cant figure it out.. I think next time instead of the FF ocean forest I Might go with Pro mix instead.. Looking good.. Hero Ps didnt read the rest of the post regarding misting. Que bruto.. sorry
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They look a bit hungry to me.....cld be lighting on a Cpl of those pics. Other then that they don't look bad at all. More lumens wld probably hve fattened those buds up a bit but they don't look bad.
Deff more Lums would do the trick.
She looks good to me. The only thing I would do different would be to raise the led panels up and angle them so that they shine onto the tops of the leaves rather than up under them. BUD grow mojo to ya
it looks like you mist your plant??? i dont think that is good for the plant, bud rot or mold, while in bud. but they do look good!!
You need a lot more light and you are not really making the best use of the light you do have. I would recommend getting that fluoroscent light right down within inches of the top of the plant. At the distance it is at, you are losing huge amounts of lumens that you don't have to waste. I also agree with Hushpuppy on the placement of the LEDs--it is actually detrimental to the plant's growth to illuminate the undersides of the leaves. A meter sq tent requires about 55,000 lumens to adequately flower.

Makeshift COs setups are a waste of time, money, and energy. You should have a decent centrifuge exhaust fan exchanging the air in the space all the time the lights are on. You also need an oscillating fan moving air around. Most of us use passive intakes.

Do not mist your plants. This is just asking for mold and mildew problems. Also do not remove any fan leaves unless they are over 50% dead.
I hate to add to the critique here.
The general health of the plant looks good, as HL said, maybe a little bit more feed wouldnt go amiss.
Maximising the available lumens is a must since there does seem to be a bit of stretch going on and most def move the LED panels as HP and THG said so the light is from above the plant, not below. Light from below can contribute to stretch.
That looks like cooking foil on the walls, not Mylar to me. I could be wrong but if it is, next time around, use either flat white pain or mylar. Cooking foil is for keeping heat in, not reflecting light. If it is Mylar, try and flatten it out as much as you can, wrinkled Mylar is less reflective than flat white paint.
I would also suggest trying to bend the top sections over a little and lower the light accordingly. Bending her over wont hurt her and will allow more light to get to the lower branches increasing your yield. I know you only have 3 weeks or so to go but in the last few weeks there is usually a bit of a boost to bud production.

These little suggestions aside you are doing a fine job there. Dont take the critique to heart, I know it can seem negative but you are doing fine and if this is your first grow, all I can say is I wish my first was half as good.

Welcome to mp fella and lots of grrn mojo on its way for her. W

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