White widow f1s

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Update on White widow I clipped s few of the taller buds as they were ready but the rest of the plant needed more time. It is almost like the lower half of the plant was 2 weeks behind the rest of the plant. I kind of evened them up then lowered the lights. One of the widows which I labeled duds are just starting flower. Everything was planted all at the same time.
I am blaming my crap lights. The dud was under protest until I got better lighting. It just started growing the last few weeks. I don't know why I didn't cull her but I am glad I didn't. She is growing now and well. Go figure


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This strain must be photo and not auto they are taking forever. I was sure the package said auto but they are acting like photos. They were planted sept 22. It is the end of Jan longer than 4 months already. What do I know except They are not ready yet.
A few weeks ago those were milky white all of them. Now you can’t really see them because of those little sprouts. I smoked some of the dry stuff its good just not pretty. Not my best grow. I will use them to make canna butter/or Oil. The flavor is great. nice citrus on intake and pine on exhale. Very smooth and a good daytime high.
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Yes the other ones are well on their way about another week or 2 these buds are much more fragrant and way more dense. These got better lighting when it counted. The other stuff will be turned into edibles. My brother vapes and asked me if I could make him vape concentrate. I told him IDK but would look into it. Maybe if he is s good boy I will think about it. Anyone know a good recipe please post the thread name so I can search it. I am not even sure I want to try.

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