White widow f1s

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It has been curing for a while. My son came over last night and wanted yo try the new stuff. The new stuff is my White widow the cured buds look way better than I remember. I am pretty sure this was going to get turned into canna oil. Not the case these buds were so ooey gooey the grinder couldn't even. I said crap… then remembered the electric one someone posted. I didn't have that but I do have a ninja with the single serve cup for making smoothies. Well that worked great. Best buz ever! I have been cleaning since my first wake and bake. This is definitely a daytime weed. I am getting rid of my desk that is in the living room. I hate that everyone uses it as a catch all. I clean my desk off and 1 day later it is piled up again. Plus I can not use my computer anymore unless I want my eyeballs burnt out from porn. Grandson is 15.Little perve.
I planted 6 more white widows. I hope I get some females. I have been having a bit of bad luck with males lately. Either way I love this strain it works well for pain nausea and is mild enough for daytime. I don't feel high as a kite, but you do get the healing properties from this strain. It gives you energy. It makes you happy without the giggles. It does not make you feel like you have to eat everything in site either. I can function pain free and still able to think clearly.
Woohoo I found 10 more seeds while rolling my weekly stash of White widow. So very happy. I am trying my hand at cloning the King Kandy is an awesome strain. Am starting with the cup of water method. I will get some supplies after I can root one in only water. I know it can be done and Will take several weeks to a month. I will keep trying until success. They are not all up but they are starting to get there.😁😁
Practice makes perfect. I am ordering supplies Clonex and rooting plugs I was looking at other stuff too. I am trying to decide what to order. It was a cutting from the lower section I always trim off anyway. If it dies I will try again.
I'd separate them Jan. Otherwise they'll probably grow roots together and you can damage them separating them.

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