Who here has had The Covid Virus already?

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we had it last November and it kicked my arse and I still have lingering side effects

no jab , took lots of ivermectin too , had migraines with it which sent me to the ER after 5 days of puking and not being able to eat
I had a horrible respiratory illness in early November 2019. I don't go to the doctor as often as I should, but I did that time. The doc diagnosed it as bronchitis. I'll never know if it was COVID or not, but I think that there is a good chance that it was.
Now, January 2022, I am dealing with it. Had a positive at home test yesterday.
Very weird , could hardly sleep last night body hurt everywhere, my nose dried out and opened up as if I was out in very cold weather (yelled at the old lady shut the fukin window and turn the heat up) dang Eskimo , My throat was dry and burning and this morning I feel better. Just like yesterday.
This virus has some of the weirdest symptoms I've have ever experienced. And it seems to react differently to different ppl. Fking China.
My symptoms were very light. Slight sore throat and fever, but it kicked my 15 year old daughters ass. She could hardly walk from her room to the bathroom without getting winded.
We went to a wedding 8/28/21 and my wife caught it. Wife’s sister and her husband both caught it at the same wedding. They also both had it again last week.
My son has had it twice. Everyone at work has had it.
I have not had it, nor have I been vaccinated.
I do take ivermectin once a week.
I may of had it twice. I did not get tested the first time because there was no test, it was very early in 2020 That time it wiped the floor with me. Super sick, slept a lot, high fever.
Caught it (again?)in November 2020. Actually got tested.Much milder symptoms, more like a cold. Zero taste and smell though. it was weird.
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