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El Diablo Verde

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Jan 30, 2006
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I'm about to buy HID lights and I found some good cheap ones with hortilux bulbs at Insidesun.com (thanks Mutt), but I'm wondering if it's overkill? I have more plants growing but they won't be ready to flower until the AK-47 is almost done. I dont want to get the 1000w if it'll be too hot or spike my electricity too much, but I'm worried the 400w won't be enough because I plan on eventually growing 12 plants. I can afford the 1000w. Am I over thinking it? I figured I'd ask the experts. Thanks
You need to match the lamp wattage with the sq/ft of the growspace.
Rule of thumb is 50 watts HPS per sq/ft.
Using more than 50 watts per sq/ft will result in bigger buds up to about 70 watts per sq/ft, at that point the buds don't get bigger but they get denser. I've seen buds grown under 100 watts per sq/ft and they were hard as rocks.

Lots of things use 1000 watts, like a microwave, or small heater.
1000 watts won't cause any problems stealth-wise.

Btw, you're gonna need flo-thru ventilation.
Thanks a lot guru. I think we are gonna go with the 1000w with the hortilux bulb replacement. I was just wondering if we should go with the white or chrome reflector and what the difference is.
yeah, i have horticulutre at school, i stole a 6 foot chin hung lamp that hols two flouros( i think there flouros,), it can adjust in height, probably expensive, buy hey, its just school, and i dont need it, i have a high enough iq(im dead serious, i have a higher iq then everyone in my family)

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