XBOX with Kinect??

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OK, my son's birthday was today and I had to do something big since I didn't get to do much for last Christmas! Went to Sam's Club and picked up the bundled system and am now sweating buckets!!! This hing is seriously fun and a healthy workout all in one!

Anyone else have one? What games are there for an old man like myself...oh, and the kid LMAO
Lol, There's a fun dancing game. Cant quite remember the name, I'll have to look through my cds for it
This fat old man is really sweating up a storm riding the rapids LOL!!!
I'm not really a fan of the Xbox (Playstation all the way) but the Kinect really is an awesome piece of technology it has so much potential and even the people who designed and made the Kinect state that Xbox only uses about 15% of what the Kinect can do.

There are some awesome videos posted on youtube of hacks people have made with the Kinect in the short amount of time since it's been out. I can't wait to see it's full potential put into play and what people come up with, should check them out of you haven't seen them yet.

Sorry that I got kind of off-topic haha, can't help you on game ideas but I hope you and your kid enjoy it =)

What a blast! I was able to get 4 teens to stick around and enjoy some exercise!!! We were all laughing and having a blast...and sweating!! WOW!
I got one for my kid. It is fun. Motion Sports boxing lags too much though.
The football one wears me out FAST. Kinect Adventures handball is addictive.
I hope they come out with better games soon. like a ghost recon or COD with gun prop. that would be :cool:
I see there's a Ghost Recon for Kinect, it is on the list to buy!! I am after the sports game now, we plan to have competitions at our next caching event! I am continually surprised by this system and see many big big uses for the sensor!
LOL Mutt, so is the bubble, run, fly, drop over and back and forward again...sweat! :D
Got lost in Dante's Inferno....the new Alice is out. I played the orig. for PC...the new one from the preview is trippy as he!!. The orig. PC Alice 1. I still have it loaded on my current comp. :cool:
I know I just got off Kinect Tangent...just saying...that and RAGE. :D

my Fav. on kinect is stopping the leaks in the submersible LOL.
I reserved some game coming out in Sept....Uprising somethingorother! Salesman did his job well and made me believe I couldn't live without it. The Ghost Recon game is delayed until March.

We got the Motion Sports game, nice!!!
I'll hop on motion sports from time to time...but really i got the unti now it's the waiting game. programmers always take the longest...pumping out laser arrays and some servos is one thing...getting the program to synch with the PLCs is much different. I'm sure they start pumping out some good action games soon :cool:

Watch out for football on motion sports...your thighs and calves will be killing ya after 1hr,. ;)
serisouly got friends that are harcore work out nuts and they were sore for 2 days from overdoing it. The others not so bad...that football will wear you out. (keep in mind i'm over 35 with bad knees...but it is one hell of a work out)

Got the new ALICE on layaway ($65)...the orig. PC is awesome back in '02. hit the preview on the new 360....def. a tokers game ;) trippy puzzles nutty plot and riviting...last one like it for xbox was oddworld series for freak o meter. Brand new assassins creed rocks, Dante' Inferno is like ninja gaiden mixed with prince of persia while you go down each doom feeling level of hell with labyrinths, puzzles, and judging souls whether to punish or absolve....story line follows the HBO mini-series. 2 thumbs up and a special nod for a well done game. Has Fable style upgrade pattern.

still stuck on Afro Samuri end guy with the gun is pissing me off might actually have to cheat at the bitter end), burned out on burnout, COD HALO and other 1st persons seem repeatative....I hope they start thinking outa the box more. seems like more and more repeats unless you go online...which i like my "solo on my own sink or swim games"....actually had to dig around for a change...hit the evil dead series "fist full of boomstick) and the second one where you kick around the midget zombie. both for orig. xbox....but are must haves in any game collection (one of the few that actually work on 360 and orig. ticked 1/2 my games don't work from xbox simple mod download and walla not like PS where you can still by a PS2 stuck with 360). Ash is tha man and did the voice over for both. roll up a slow burning huge doober and just run through em'll thank me later. the first hour is a little frustrating then they pick up in it's true "B" style game plot and has you laughing. Gamestop for 10 n under ;)

Red Dead Revolver Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Undead.....nuff said. ;) Rockstar are rockstars in setting up a platform. Wish they would do more online and expand maps and missions but they are lean on online content.. Both my kid and I are addicts.

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