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    Dutch Passion skunk #11

    yeah thats what I thought, I always check the trichs but I figured I would check to see if there was some "inside secret" because the breeder makes no mention of trich maturity, IMHO even under the most ideal conditions 7 weeks still seems a bit early, which is why I asked thanks again to the...
  2. emuman

    Dutch Passion skunk #11

    this quote is from the dutch passion skunk #11 page "Our Skunk expert recommends harvesting at 7 weeks, the buds may still be green at this point but the Skunk #11 is at its glorious and incomparable best" does anyone know if this is an accurate statement, its just that 7 weeks seems kinda...
  3. emuman

    Ph questions?

    yes, you should verify the pH of your water before using it, and adjust accordingly if necessary, as for misting... Im not 100% because I dont mist, but thinking logically, if your taking the time to monitor and adjust your pH why would you do it only half of the time?
  4. emuman

    50% red hairs

    I suggest patients, take your time and dont try to rush her, as long as she still looks healthy give her all the time she needs, some strains can finish in as little as 8 weeks while others can take twice as long so be patient, your patients will be rewarded :icon_smile:
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    growing indoor ???

    truer words have never been said, in my opinion if you dive in haphazardly, without at least the bare minimum of equipment, and information you will regret it, spend some time and money to get yourself set up, you should have your growing area completely set up with lights and ventilation before...
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    strains to fit headroom

    I'm not 100% sure as to whether or not it would be considered a "medicinal strength strain" but none the less my White Widow from the attitude have mostly stayed short and bushy, hope it helps
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    Root Aphids : People should be aware of these bugs!

    I cant tell if your being informative or asking for help but this is what worked for me, put about an inch of fine sand in your pots on top of your soil, this will smother them preventing them feeding, reproducing, living and so on you might even say this is an "organic" method, I do know that...
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    homemade white widow seeds wont germ

    impressive, I read this earlier and decided to bite some of the seeds that have been soaking on the moist towel for 8 days, and Ill be ???? if all 5 I chomped on arnt "sprouting", even the one that didnt crack on the seam has a 1/4 inch long "white hook" props
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    homemade white widow seeds wont germ

    Ive put them in dirt, nothing, Ive put them on a moist paper towel in a zip top bag, nothing, do WW seeds need anything special done to them before they will grow? I read that some strains need to be "scratched" to weaken the shell otherwise they wont "pop", could this be the case?
  10. emuman

    series of problems

    welcome and thank you for taking the time no, I have not "started flushing", I was under the impression that flushing was to be done just prior to harvest, also you asked if I "started flushing" rather than if I had flushed implying that its a process to take place over a period of time...
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    series of problems

    alright that will work, thanks for reassuring me, I appreciate it
  12. emuman

    series of problems

    yeah I mixed it correctly, is it possible the N got locked out because of the previously mentioned pH issue?
  13. emuman

    series of problems

    lately she is only being watered and not fed due to the fact that I thought I was burning her, my nutes are general hydroponics 3 part mixed 1-2-3 (for flower) should I feed some N?
  14. emuman

    series of problems

    I have here a white widow that has been under 12/12 for 6 weeks(pre flowers were visible for a week before the flip) a few weeks ago I noticed some yellowing leafs dying and dropping off, I thought it may be that the gh 3 part may have been a little hot, I then became aware I had a high pH...