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    cutting in flower ?

    I also do some minimal pruning in the first week or two of flower. Just small budsites down low.
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    Seedling Question

    It looks like your off to a good start. Feed it and watch it grow.
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    heat and humidity?

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    blueberry clone

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    cloning question

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    Nirvanas White Widow...

    I grew their white widow and the rhino probably six years ago. They both came out very nice. Nirvana has some great strains for cheap.
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    Smart Pots

    I love the smart pots! Highly recommend.
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    Wondering about some missing old friends

    I miss mgfcom, the white widow male expert.
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    leaves turning yellow

    Nute burn maybe. Are you useing soil with nutrients already in it?
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    question about RO water

    Ok thanks for the feedback y'all. Ill add some calmag for sure.
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    question about RO water

    So I've been using ro water for about 2 months now and I'm starting to see whats looks like a mag deficiency. Is adding cal/mag a must with ro water? I'm using fox farms nutrient which do contain cal/mag but I'm still having issues.
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    Space Gives Astronomers the Finger

    Haha thats pretty funny.I heard someone on the radio the other day talking about some rover that accidentally drew a picture of a huge penis in the sand on mars I think. Have you seen that one?
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    Maines basement multi grow

    Couple more shots of the ladies. They are frosting up real nice and are looking great! Ive had to give a few of them a dose of nitrogen the past two waterings cause they were yellowing real bad. The purple hues are starting to show up in Blueberry hybrids so I know Im in the last few weeks...
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    Blue Mystic Grow

    Blue mystic is one of my oldtime faves. The 18 hour light cycle could be contributing to the slower growth. 24 / 0 is the way to go. Any pics of the setup?
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    Maines basement multi grow

    Hey guys heres a few update pics for yall. They are looking pretty good and starting to frost up real nice. Ive had to add some extra veg nutes already due to yellowing of the bottom fan leaves but other than that things are just fine. I cant wait to get these buds into jars!